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The Price of one Crypto Thug NFT is 20 ADA. You will receive 2 ₳DA back for each NFT you buy. (Sending a minimum of 2 ₳DA with each transaction is a requirement from Cardano). Hence Net Price is 18 ₳DA.


1. Click Mint on Explosif above

2. You will be redirected Explosif Mint Page

3. Make sure you have a Cardano Dapp Wallet with enough  ₳DA tokens to buy selected NFTs plus about 0.2 ₳DA transaction fees.

4. The following wallets are accepted by Explosif: 

  • Nami

  • Yori

  • Eternl

  • GeroWallet

  • Flint

  • Typhon Wallet

  • Nufi

  • Begin

5. Choose the number of NFTs you wish to mint and choose buy.

'Starting low, Dreaming big.'

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